eSports vs. Traditional Sports Betting

Teams compete in virtual games for real-life prizes, and the system for eSports athletes looks like that of athletes competing in top international sports.

Looking back over the past decade, eSports has grown in popularity and become a mainstream sporting event followed by millions of people worldwide. As a result, more and more people are also betting on eSports, and some even use it as the only source of fun in their spare time.

Although eSports and traditional sports have many similarities, they also differ. So let’s dig a little deeper and see what makes these two popular amateur activities different, especially when it comes to betting on them.

What Kind of Bets Can You Place?

One of the first differences between eSports betting and traditional sports is the types of bets you can bet on. This is wider than eSports. In traditional sports, you have many different betting options from one sport too.

It’s the same for eSports as well. Depending on the game you are betting on, you can place different types of bets. The same rules that apply to DotA don’t apply to first-person shooters like CS: GO.

In general, eSports betting usually offers a more exciting and robust betting experience due to the wide variety of PC games available. Let’s take CS: GO as an example – you can bet on the first kill, some specific details related to the map, etc.

Considering that eSports betting is a relatively new activity still developing, players who typically bet on traditional sports may find eSports betting to be a breath of fresh air. If you think you’ll find eSports betting lacking in activity, you’re wrong.

There are dozens of races throughout the year, with regional and international events occurring all overworldwidetime.

Is eSports Betting Profitable Compared to Traditional Sports?

Likewise, eSports has many similarities to traditional sports, but in many cases, eSports tends to offer fans of eSports competitions more unique bonus options. These bonuses vary from game to game, but overall they tend to be more valuable than similar games.

This fact can be attributed to gamers and eSports fans not being your traditional betting audience. Most people who follow eSports have never wagered in their lives and may find the experience less welcoming than bettors in traditional sports.

In turn, gambling and casino sites often must work harder than traditional betting sites to attract the attention of their target group, offering better and bigger bonuses. But, at the end of the day, it’s in the bettor’s interest.

ShubBet is a suitable ean excellent bookmaker offering eSports deals. If you want to bet on eSports but aren’t needed, help to figure out the start, and check out some great deals from reputable bookmakers. ShubBet free bets are a great way to begin your eSports gambling career with less risk and cost.

If you’re unsure whether gambling is right for you, this is a better proposition as it will allow you to try it out but not play it forever.

Another benefit of eSports betting is that different bookmakers can have wildly different odds for the same outcome and the exact match since the sport is still relatively new. So if you do proper research before placing your bet, you can profit hugely from it.

Traditional sportsbooks often have different or very close to the same betting odds, making it harder for bettors to take advantage of the system.

eSports is Developing Faster than Traditional Sports

One of the great things about eSports and gaming, in general, is that they develop and evolve at a much faster rate than traditional sports like football or basketball. While the soccer field remains the same and likely will remain so for the foreseeable future, a game can constantly change maps, add new ones, or improve existing ones.

The same goes for other features that can make eSports gameplay and betting more fun and exciting and prevent games from becoming boring or stale.

Because games are played virtually, they are easier to play anywhere in the world than traditional sports. In addition, many cable operators have deals with sports channels that tie you to a specific operator if you want to watch a game.

However, it is possible to follow eSports from any device anywhere in the world. Most of the time, it’s also free. Additionally, this makes eSports more accessible to people worldwide, regardless of their financial status or educational background.

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